Concerning G16

Benoît is originally from Angoulême, an acropolis town in Southwestern France. Bangkok has been his home since 2008. 
It was the atmosphere, the smells, the colours of the city that made him stay and these aspects are also what makes him press the button… his source of inspiration. He sees photographs all around him. “I don’t know the rules of photography and try not to learn them. I’m concerned they might inhibit my concept.”
Even though at first glance the decrepit environments may often seem hopeless, Gougnaf16’s camera lens shows that beauty can be revealed in the most unlikely places.
Gougnaf16’s work has also served as an inspiration to aspiring photographers when students from the American School of Bangkok came to the studio to learn from Benoît during his 2011 exhibition. ”
Attic Studios, Bangkok.

I have presented my work through two solo exhibits in Bangkok, Thailand.
“One Night in Bangkok… on the Quiet Side” at Attic Studios [Oct. 2011].
“Bangkoking” at Attic Studios [Nov. 2012].
I also have exposed my paintings in Bangkok, at Tapas Café. The exhibition was named “VariasTheme“.